Gautama Buddha

Birth place of siddharth gautama, Lumbini park

At Himalayan Mountains, there was a small kingdom called Kapilvastthu. Here, the righteous and mighty king suddhodhana  ruled over the Sakya clan.

It was a very delightful place and the people were so happy. Shudhodhana had wife name Mahamaya.both of them were happy but expecting for a child. At the time of Shakya , there is a festival of seven days each year during the Ashadhi month.

On the full-moon night of “Ashadh Pornima”mahamaya had a dream. In that dream she saw that she was sleeping in the valley of Himalaya under the shal tree .

Then some ladies took her to the ‘Manas sarowar’.There she had a bath and beautifully ornamented.  
suddenly one monk came in front of her and said, “Mother, I have decided to have my last birth on earth so will you be my Mother??? So Mahamaya got very happy and then she got pregnant ‘that was a Thursday.

Next morning  Mahamaya woke up and told her full dream to the Shudhodhana.Then shudhodhana called eight bramhin to resolve Mahamaya’s dream.then that Brahmin told Shudhodhana that king you  are going to have a son. If that live in Samansara he will be very courageous king and if he will be sant he will become Buddha and they left from palace.Everyone in the kingdom celebrated when they heard that a child was to be born to their queen.

At Lumbini park

Queen Maya returned to her parents’ home to give birth as that was the custom in india. Roads were decorated with flowers and silk banners.When  Mahamaya came at lumbini park , she said we should stop and took rest of night in this beautiful park.

View of the garden was were much pleasant flowers were in full bloom, birds chirped lovely songs and butterflies darted along the path of queen. When daylight began to fade and full moon park,.Queen Maya was walking in the garden, then she stopped under Shal-tree.

She reached up to a branch to plunk a flower. Suddenly, a baby boy was born from her. His body shone with a dazzling light and he was perfect in every way. A soft rain fell and the night air was filled with heavenly music. The deer and other animals in park, sensing something special, came and looked in wonder at the prince.

It is supposed that he told everyone I am the for most in the world . This is my last birth.” Then the smiled and took seven step in each direction . lotuses sprang open under his feet as he walked. Then queen Maya retuned to the palace. when the king saw his son said, ‘I am filled with great joy. And let us celebrate this moment.’

Asita’s prediction

Asita, a wise man who could see into the future.One day he knew that a prince had been born.He saw a child and said joyfully, a very special child has been born. And then he went into deep thought. Suddenly he began to cry. Sudhodana asked him “will some misfortune befall prince????”Asita answered ,”I can see no harm to the child he born to give happiness to the world”. He will be great leader. 

I am crying because he has born in our land . many wonderful things will happen . I am crying because shall soon die and not be able to honer him or lern anything from him.he will forth in the world and become a Buddha. But shudhodana and Mahamaya were very much upset when they heard this. The baby was given name ‘Siddhartha’ which means “a wish fulfilled”. and his family name was  ‘Gautama’.

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